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Free Stuff for Doll Lovers on the Internet
by Judy Heim and Gloria Hansen
published by C&T Publishing - $16.95

Doll Lovers

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
JoinThe Doll Fun on the Web!

This Book Will Show You The Way to Doll Fun on the Web Faster than Anything Else Will
America Online Is a Good Place to Get Started If You've Never Been Online Before
Tips for Tapping Into Doll Making and Collecting Advice on America Online
How to Tap Into Doll-Making Web Sites with AOL
If You Outgrow AOL and Decide to Shop for an Internet Service...
What Doll Lovers Need to Know About Their Web Browser
How to Tap Into a Web Page
Printing Web Pages and Saving Pictures to Disk
Tip! If You Can't Access a Web Page Try These Tricks:
Judy & Gloria's Ten-Step Program for Fixing Browser and Graphics Crashes
How to Send E-Mail
How to Read Usenet Newsgroups with Your Web Browser
Tips for Staying Safe on the Web

Chapter 2
Free Big Sites for Doll Makers

Chapter 3
Free Big Web Sites for Doll Collectors

Chapter 4
Free Doll-Making Hangouts in Cyberspace

Chapter 5
Free Help for Making Cloth Dolls

Chapter 6
Free Cloth Doll and Doll Clothing Patterns

Chapter 7
Free Help for Making Porcelain and Clay Dolls

Chapter 8
Free Help Caring for and Restoring Dolls

Chapter 9
Free Big Web Sites for Teddy Bear Makers

Chapter 10
Free Discussions for Teddy Bear Makers and Lovers

Chapter 11
Free Teddy Bear Patterns

Chapter 12
Free Teddy Bear Making Tips and How-Tos

Chapter 13
Free Help Finding Doll and Bear-Making Supplies

Chapter 14
Free Web Sites of Doll Magazines, Clubs, and Museums

Chapter 15
Free Patterns and Advice for Making Dolls and Bears for Charity

Chapter 16
Free Patterns for Knitting and Crocheting Dolls, Teddies, and Their Clothes

Chapter 17
Free Help for Doll Houses

Chapter 18
Free Help for Sewing, Smocking, and maindbing Doll Clothes


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