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Free Stuff for Sewing Fanatics on the Internet
by Judy Heim and Gloria Hansen
published by C&T Publishing - $16.95

Free Stuff for Sewing Fanatics

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Free Stuff for Sewing Fanatics on the Internet


Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Why Your Computer May Be Your Best Sewing Buddy
This Book Will Get You to What You're Looking for Faster than Anything Else Will
If You've Never Been Online Before, Try America Online
For the Cheapest Internet Access, Hunt for a Local ISP
Cable TV Offers High Speed Internet, but at a Price
Satellite Is Pricey, but the Only Option in Some Rural Areas
What About "Free E-mail" Services?
Anatomy of a Web Browser
How to Tap Into a Web Page
Find Your Way Around the Web Without Getting Lost
How tu Use Bookmarks
How to Print Web Pages, or Selections from Web Pages
How to Save Web Pages to Your Computer's Disk
How to Capture Images You Find on the Internet
How to Send E-Mail
How Can You Talk to Other Stitchers On the Internet?
How to Find Patterns, People, Products, and More!

Chapter 2
Sewers' Favorite Web Hang-Outs

Chapter 3
More Sewers' Coffee Klatches on the Web

Chapter 4
Free Sewing Patterns and Project Sheets

Chapter 5
Free Sewing Tips, Tricks & Hints from Sewers Who've "Been There"

Chapter 6
Free Thrills for Fabriholics

Chapter 7
Free Advice on Thread, Notions and Other Stuff Banging
Around Your Sewing Cabinet

Chapter 8
Free General Sewing Machine Help

Chapter 9
Free Help for Specific Brands of Sewing Machines

Chapter 10
Free Help and Designs for Machine Embroidery

Chapter 11
Free Help for Finding Hard-to-Find and Vintage Patterns

Chapter 12
Free Help Sewing Hats and Outerwear

Chapter 13
Free Help for Sewing Lingerie (That Really Fits)

Chapter 14
Free Tailoring, Fitting and Pattern-Drafting Help

Chapter 15
Free Help for Sewing for People with Special Needs

Chapter 16
Free Help for Sewing with Kids--and for Kids

Chapter 17
Free Stuff for Doll and Teddy Bear Makers

Chapter 18
Free Help for Heirloom and Bridal Sewing

Chapter 19
Free Fabric maindbment How-Tos

Chapter 20
Free Help for Drapery Making, Upholstering
and Other Home Dec Projects

Chapter 21
Free Patterns and Ideas for Sewing Charity Projects

Chapter 22
Free Help for Sewing Entrepreneurs

Chapter 23
Free Help for Costumers

Chapter 26
Free Demos of Pattern Making Software--and Help for Using It


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